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4,5 sterren uit 32 beoordelingen
20 jan 2022 om 9:27 I was surprised by the food's excellent quality, taste, and creativity. The packaging looks stylish, and the bar has great variety, even just with 3 types of meals. They have classics I couldn't find in town before. Get a good beer and go for it!
10 jan 2022 om 23:21 Was echt heel erg lekker, zeker een aanrader. Fijn dat je kan kiezen voor een vegetarische worst.
10 jan 2022 om 15:08 Prima burger en hot dog. Beetje aan de zoute kant voor mij. Maar dat is persoonlijk.
9 jan 2022 om 16:54 Heerlijk eten en snelle bezorging♡
7 jan 2022 om 20:37 Heel goede philly cheese steak en prima burger!
6 jan 2022 om 20:39 Food was good with good sized portions. Mistake was handled nicely with good customer service
6 jan 2022 om 19:09 hotdog was DELICIOUS
5 jan 2022 om 22:18 The food was super delicious! Quality and quantity of food is great.
1 jan 2022 om 21:23 Delivery time approximaty 2 hours. The restaurant gave a misguiding estimate when I called. Philly steak sandwich is good, the burger bun was soggy and dripping wet.
31 dec 2021 om 0:24 Gotta love that chili, holy crap! Try to ease down on the sauce tho, my nice toasted bun was super soaked and not so toasty. But for the rest 10/10, chef's kiss!
21 feb 2021 om 7:57 There were no nachos with the burger as I was expecting, but burgers were still delicious.
21 dec 2020 om 22:18 Tastttyyy hotdog and nachos yumm